Calvelex (7)

Calvelex, aware of its role as a responsible company, recognizes that the existence of a sustainability policy, seated in concrete actions, is a fundamental pillar for the success of its activities in the medium and long term.

Our policy of sustainability, incorporates principles of ethics, social responsibility and good environmental practices into the company’s management and in the economic and financial decision process.

In this context, the following commitments are key components of our sustainability policy:

  • Promoting environmental protection, through integrated water, energy and waste management.
  • Promote and encourage safety at work in all activities carried out in the company.
  • Encourage the professional development and personal fulfilment of all employees.

These general commitments are fulfilled in the following set of specific commitments:

  • Use renewable and clean energy sources (solar panels)
  • Recycling of garbage (deposits of various colors for a correct separation of waste – paper, plastic, fabric, undifferentiated)
  • Rationalize the consumption of energy and water (led lamp, turn everything off during dead hours, turn on only what is essential, turn off the water tap whenever it is not necessary, do not leave the equipment in stand-by)
  • Implement a system for the management and monitoring of noise and illumination
  • Promote and monitor an integrated HST policy (SMETA audit every 2 years)

The Management of Calvelex undertakes to disclose and ensure that these principles have been fully assimilated and understood by all involved.