CALVELEX is based in the north of Portugal, in the very heart of the Portuguese textiles industry, one of the most important textile-manufacturing regions in the European Union.

Indeed, the hallmark of the region is its tradition in textiles and clothing manufacture. It is important to highlight the country’s excellent geographical position, placed as it is between the Americas to the east and the rest of Europe to the west. This gives Portugal the advantage of functioning as a channel between the markets of both continents.

Since 1985, CALVELEX has devoted itself to clothes manufacturing and it has always striven to accompany as closely as possible the growth that has taken place within the sector. The constant updating of technological equipment and production processes, along with the training and motivation of the human resources involved, mean that CALVELEX manufacturing units have achieved a degree of efficiency which place us among the most successful competitors in the sector on a national level.

The ever increasing area of services we offer, the level of quality we have already reached and punctual deliveries are just some of the factors which contribute to CALVELEX success. Our main activities are in CM, CMT and VERTICAL services.

CALVELEX is currently made up of five manufacturing units equipped with the Geber CAD and CAM systems, specialising in high quality lady’s apparel. Our main products are jackets, trousers, skirts, shorts, blouses and dresses, which we export to Europe and the United States.

CALVELEX operates from a work space of 30,000 m2, which houses a total of 700 workers. The annual capacity for production is in the order of a million garments.

The different units are connected via an efficient communication system which, by avoiding the polarisation of each one’s individual capabilities, allows CALVELEX to exercise its potential as a unified whole.

Following its company strategies, CALVELEX, aware of the demands of the moment, is open to any kind of association with other companies in the sector which specialise in the commercial and creative side of the industry. By joining forces and sharing know-how we can contribute towards the smooth and speedy development of a vertical activity, whether it be in our own country, in Spain, or in other European countries. With a background of many years of experience in exporting and in the international textiles business arena, CALVELEX aims to solidify its commercial policy in the face of changes which are expected to take place with the arrival of a new economic era.