Calvelex approaches its business observing human integrity and dignity, and in this spirit, we resolved to draw up a Code of Conduct that would cover all employees (salaried and contract work, …) and the surrounding community (customers, suppliers, public authorities, and others).

The code was created with the fundamental objective of sharing with all our employees and business partners the principles that guide our Company, in accordance with the following principles of conduct:


To foster equal opportunities for personal and professional development for all Employees, through rigorous and constructive assessment, participating in vocational and extra-vocational training.
Respect for employees rights.
Eradication of all forms of exploitation (forced labour and child labour).
Eradication of all discriminatory practices (race, social class, origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union memberships or political party).
Fight against all forms of corruption.


To treat all customers equally, with clear and transparent rules based on respect and loyalty. Fulfilling all requirements defined by customers and providing outstanding products.


Suppliers should be selected using clear and impartial criteria and agreements should be mutually respected.


Responsibility in the defence and protection of the environment, through the implementation of good environmental practices, namely waste management (selective waste management, with specific locations for paper, plastics, fabric trimmings, others).

Public Authority

To respect and comply with all legislation in force applicable to Calvelex operations .
To provide necessary cooperation through the provision of any information requested.

Working Environment, Health and Safety

To provide a good working environment, based on team spirit, through responsibility, collaboration, competence and employee development.
To ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
The Board of Directors of Calvelex undertakes to disseminate these principles and to ensure that they are fully assimilated and understood by all involved.