From Experience to Solidity


One of CALVELEX´s most pressing concerns is the creation of an environment favourable to technological innovation in each of its manufacturing units. In this way, the degree of difficulty in the reconversion of facilities, equipment or human resources is directly proportional to the preparation made beforehand. Any initiative which involves innovation, whether in terms of production or management, helps to generate the future. All departments, without exception, will take part in the Group’s adaptation to a knowledge-based society, in order that the rhythm between the various sections of the organisation is identical.


We identify the strategic opportunities for development within each section of CALVELEX, following the trends and growth within the sector and the respective economic climate. The objectives are quantified in accordance with our internal potential which will enable us to achieve a particular rate of progress. Commercial expansion does not depend solely on a company’s place within the market, but also on a programme of internal activities which lead towards its success. Our group is able to develop thanks to the combination of forces that drive each department, each worker and to the competence forged at the heart of the organisation.


CALVELEX consider this aspect vitally important, under the assumption that it is not always possible to set off upon a decisive company move forwards without managing quality across the whole Group. the implementation of the Quality Assurance System procedures brings advantages to internal organisation, wich will soon translate into competitive advantages. Improving the rationalisation of work and resources permits us to maximise the level of flexibility and reinforce our capacity for responde to the demands of the international markets. At present, the ISO 9002 quality assurance check has already been carried out on two of our manufacturing units, and the remaining three units are soon to be assessed.

Calvelex has implemented a Quality System that aims not only meet customer needs but also promote their loyalty.

On this basis, the principles to be observed are: 


Human Resources

CALVELEX promotes the flexibility and training of its workers, with a view to adapting to new organisational systems and new technologies. Therefore we value the ability to look ahead, the immediate response to the needs for qualification. Continuous training, in the context of work, constitutes an undeniable advantage these days. Only by proceeding in this way does it become possible to introduce innovations to achieve profitable and useful outcomes. The rotation of staff around the various companies within the Group makes for an accumulation of experiences and abilities, stimulating the formation of strong teams which work together smoothly.

CALVELEX has a clear policy when it comes to ethical questions and environmental and legal requirements relating to working conditions. The supervision of this policy led to the drawing up of a Code of Conduct which, among other regulations, promotes health and safety in the workplace, the observance of local and international law and the prohibition of child labour.