One of the company’s biggest assets is the technological innovation with constant investment on cutting edge technological solutions such as ultimate Gerber systems, CAD/CAM software, automatic cuttings, sophisticated fusing and sewing machines, among others.

However, there’s the concern of preserving hand craftsmanship roots combining hand made with the ultimate technological systems. CALVELEX is a pioneer always looking into cutting edge solutions to better serve its partners.

Recently, CALVELEX has been investing in 3D experiences to allow its customers to make the development process easier and more efficient.
By shorten time and saving money, this ultimate solution also allows the reduction of the environmental footprint within the entire process. With the AVATAR, customer can see how does a certain pattern and style works, without an actually sample is made.


Quantity of Samples


Raw Materials and Ecosystem Natural Resources


Quicker R & D Process


To preserve the world’s ecosystem is one of CALVELEX aims and It is a constant field of investment. 


Besides the promotions of technologial solutions, as just seen, there are other actions implemented over all units that aim to preserve the impact of the industrial activities on the planet: 


– Solar Panels as a reusabe source of energy.

– Promoting reuse of water.

– Everyday recycling on production line.

– Minimizing production waste by triple checking each garment at control stations during on-going production process.

– Promote ethical and environmental friendly support to all the workers providing solutions as common transportation and use of homemade farm products on cantine meals.